Kpop's Present and Future Viewed Through 'K-Pop Star'

There is a popular TV program in Korea, 'K-Pop Star' Although a latecomer there is a reason that it's being focused not only in Korea but also abroad.

First is that the leading big three entertainment company representative have participated as the judges. And for that reason, there are many more talented musicians who have taken part more than any other auditions.

This is noted when Park Jimin was featured on CNN as having 'Unbelievable vocals at age 15.'

Recently the Top 10 has been decided. One thing for certain is that each company representatives are selecting the contestant with the same criteria as if they really auditioning for their own company. Looking at the review and comment of the judges will seem to be looking at the mirror of current K-Pop singers.

In fact the three vocal trainers of SM, YG and JYP each who has taught the contestants made comments about the Top 10. If you are general viewer then its interesting information, if you are a music lover and a music industry professional then let us review K-Pop music present and future indirectly.

"She has great ability to express retro concept music. It can easily feel outdated but she has very good sense. She doesn't have preconceived notions of Korean pop songs which allow her to express it with her own feelings. She seems to be strong in expressive performance because she was a cheerleader," regarding Kim Na Yoon.

"He has a unique voice. With a visual representation that women will like he has an excellent sensitivity. As he's not from Korea, he has a unique and luxurious feeling. He has his own color that is unconventional," regarding Park Jaehyung.

"As Park Ji-min is young she has endless possibilities. She can give various charms when she is allowed to do what she wants. She has a lot of talent so she can digest various music styles as her own. Although she has been well received because of her groove and good at singing high-pitched notes she is also still able to sing excellent even simple and without techniques," regarding Park Ji-min.

"She has very strong music foundation, so she's not easily shaken by any song. As a typical vocalist with strong foundation, she knows how to sing cleanly. She is a vocalist that can sing various genres without any ups and downs. She also has great ability in playing the keyboard, vocal and listening ability," regarding Baek A-Yeon.

"He has a very sweet and charming voice. He has a strong point in having a clean and charming voice that woman like. When he sings in falsetto then there is a soft tone that is expressed. We are expecting for him to show more groove. On the other hand he should continuously train for hitting high-notes," regarding Baek Ji-eung.

"He has a lot of interest in music. More just singing well since he knows how to play instruments well, then he approaches with clear understanding how to arrange and feeling he wants. He is expressive and pushes to show his adventurous side. Not only is he very sensitive but also has excellent natural rhythm," regarding Yoon Hyunsang.

"She has a lot of passion. She has excellent ability to express the music in her own color. Also remarkable to see her wide voice range hitting the low notes. She has very strong expression on stage. Looking at her stage manners and expressions it seems that has innate charisma. Also trendy music surprisingly suites her well. She has various musicality," regarding Lee Ha Ee.

"She has been having a hard time due to vocal nodule, but she is most excellent in hitting high notes and expressiveness. More than anything she is special in having her own soul style. Maybe because she studies music systematically she has many different ways of expressing. She has a unique appeal in adding R&B feel to Korea emotion," regarding Lee Michelle.

"He has a very strong creative feeling. He has a lot of ideas to show that no one has thought about. He has excellent ability in choreography and unique imagination. He has a very strong musicianship and own thoughts," regarding Lee Seung Hoon.

"She is very clever. She is quick at understanding and quickly tries to fix her shortcomings. Although her ton isn't unique but she is expressive in sadness so she is able to sing strong ballad. As must as she sings sad emotional music she is also able to sing excited songs just as well," regarding Lee Jung-mi.
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