JYJ’s First Peru Concert Expect to Be Big Hit

The JYJ's upcoming concert in Peru (Mar. 11) is heated up even before it's started as extra 1000 seats had to be made which were sold out instantly when the fans in Peru requested for more tickets.

JYJ is scheduled to hold a concert at Peru Lima Explanada Sur Del Estadio, a gymnasium that has 5000 seats. But because of a heightened interest and strong request by the local fans who want to see the concert, the group, after an agreement with the entertainment agency, decided to increase the number of seats.

JYJ's management company CJS Entertainment said, "Although there was a heated request to hold additional concert by the fans who could not get tickets, holding another concert is difficult due to schedule, so we added 1000 seats by increasing the space in the stands."

The passion of fans in Peru for JYJ was shown already when the tickets were sold in January. The fans even slept outside in line to purchase the VIP seat tickets so they can watch JYJ in close distance
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