Hot spots inside burnt high-rise hosed down

Hot white fumes broke out yesterday on three floors of Fico Place building which had already caught fire, prompting firemen to spray water to wet the areas and prevent them from developing into fires.

The fumes poured from 9th, 10th and 11th floors at around 7.30 am, before firemen, now stationed inside the 13storey building, sprayed the entire floors with water to cool them down.

Firemen from two stations are now manned in the building to keep watching for possible secondary fires, after they initially had problems putting out the blaze when the fire broke out Saturday afternoon, because the first fire engines arriving at the scene have not had high enough ladder.

Before those with high ladders and water jettison boom reaching higher floors arrived, the first was spreading to three floors above the 7 th floor.

Noentry orders are posted around the first floor of the building, located off Soi Sukhumvit 12, in Thai and English languages to notify tenants working for 30 companies which rented the Fico Place building.

The Noentry order remains effective until a thorough inspection by fire safety officials, which begins today, is completed at a date not scheduled, said Sajja Khongtrong, director of Vadhana district office, whose jurisdiction covers the building.

"The building’s structure has not been much affected," said Deputy Bangkok governor Theerachon Manomaiphibool after inspecting the building yesterday. The 7th floor, which is the source of the fire, has not been much damaged, he said.

"There are burn marks from a desk with a computer on," he said. "The fire possibly spreaded to 8th to 11th floors through glasses window with tints, which were inflamable and fed the fire, he added.

Police will soon interview tenants and workers who rent the office space in the building about electrical devices or damage to their properties.

Relying on crime scene investigation results, police will later determine what caused the fires, and if it stemmed from human errors, police would identify the persons responsible, a police source said.

Theerachon said owners of tall buildings in Bangkok built before 1992, before a current law governing tall buildings and construction is in effect, would be encouraged to install sprinklers, which is a requirement imposed by this law.

A survey will be carried out to check how many buidlings were constructed before 1992, and lowcost installation of sprinklers would be offerred and incentivised by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), he added.

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