KBS 'Dream High' Advances to Final Round for 2012 'Golden Rose Awards' Teenage Division

KBS drama 'Dream High' advanced to the final round for 2012 'Golden Rose Awards' Teenage division.

Total 35 programs in 12 divisions were introduced at 'Golden Rose Awards - Nominee Night', which took place in Malaysia on Feb 28.

KBS 'Dream High' being selected to the final round for teenage division drew huge attention. Out of 25 programs, the KBS drama is the only program that's made in Asia, others produced in various countries including Austraila, Belgium, Germany, England, Israel, Canada, Norway, Spain, USA, etc.

'Golden Rose Awards' is the most recognized, international TV Entertainment program awards, participated by broadcasting companies from more than 40 countries. The purpose of the awards is known to select the best programs that pursue innovation, creativity, improvement.

'Dream High' was much loved by the viewers for covering teenagers' stories of three keys; youth, dream, and singing.

KBS had the programs including 'Sol Yak Gook's sons', 'Challenge Golden Bell', 'Sponge', and 'Happy Together - Friends' advanced to the qualifying rounds, but 'Dream High' is the first one to be selected for the final round.

In addition, the min awards will take place in Rucheron in Swissland in May 10th.

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