Girls’ Generation Referred as Successful Role Model All Around

The Girls' Generation seems like they have become a role model for everyone without limits. Many newspapers, speakers, and interviewers have noted the group as a good example to follow.

In the most recent speech by South Korea President Lee Myung Bak, he mentioned the Girls' Generation during a graduation speech of the 'Youth Entrepreneurship Academy' in Ansan. He was referring to the 9 members who went through the vigorous process of trainees without giving up to become the Girls' Generation they are known for.

Also Choi Kwang Sik, minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, mentioned during the 'Global Fashion CEO Forum' an example of Girl's Generations dance as a good image of our traditional group dance.

CJ Cheil Jedang Group that launched a service of providing distinguished diet program in partnership with health trainers said, "Anyone who wishes to have a body line as Girls' Generation should use our program."

Song Jong Ho, the Administrator of Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA), mentioned in an interview, "I was inspired to raise upcoming entrepreneurs due to the success of Girls' Generation and training system of minimum of 2-3 years that made them where they are now."
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