Kim SooHyun: Flood of Tears

When King Hwon (Kim SooHyun) finds out his first love YunWoo (Han GaIn) is alive, he felt his heart being torn apart.

In the episode of MBC drama 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' aired on the 23rd, Hwon's suspicions of Wol and YunWoo being the same people were confirmed by Jangshi.

Hwon called Jangshi to investigate her about YunWoo's death 8 years ago, and if the death was caused from Jangshi's spells.

But the reply of Jangshi were lies that YunWoo asked her to say, and Hwon is placed in the midst of confusions again. But Hwon, after analyzing every word of Jangshi, finds out that Wol became a shaman after enduring deathly pain. After catching that, Hwon asks if Wol is the YunWoo that died 8 years ago.

When Jangshi hears this, she can't say anything but Hwon reads her genuine eyes, and he gets shocked. Hwon, who can't even walk straight at the shocking news, starts sobbing.
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