Jung Ryu Won "Definition of Perfection"

During the filming of the SBS drama "Salary-man ChoHanJi", a photo was taken.
The photo that was released revealed Jung Ryu Won's flawless skin. The photo was released via Twitter and SNS and gained an incredible amount of attention for her perfect skin.

In the picture, Jung Ryu Won is flaunting her clear and pure skin that has no wrinkles whatsoever. The photo was not photoshopped in any way but her skin looks unbelievably perfect. Jung Ryu Won seems to be shining in the photograph. The photo immediately became a hot issue.

Jung Ryu Won is appearing on "Salary-man ChoHanJi" with actor Lee Bum Soo. She is not only gaining attention for her professional acting skills, but also for her stylish fashion sense and beauty.
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