JooWon, "What's Lovable about Uee? Everything!"

JooWon revealed when Uee of Afterschool looks the most lovable.

In KBS 'Entertainment Relay' aired on the 18th, the filming set of the last episode of 'Ojakgyo Brothers' was revealed.

The couple of 'Ojakgyo Brothers' JooWon and Uee were interviewed. When Uee was asked if JooWon is caring, she said "He brings me hot packs on cold days and makes sure my jackets are zipped up all the way. He quietly takes care of me on the side. He helps me memorize my lines too."

When JooWon was asked when Uee looks the most lovable, and when JooWon was about the reply, Uee was whispering on the side "Say everything! Everything!".

JooWon gave in to Uee and said "everything", bringing laughter to everyone on the set.

The last episode of 'Ojakgyo Brothers' will be aired on the 19th.

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