Between Idols and Music Shows: Is there room for REAL K-Pop?


According to an analysis of the top 100 songs on k-pop charts during the year 2011, 98% of them turned out to be songs by idol groups or songs featured on music related TV shows. Statistics show that out of the top 100 songs, 53 were by idol groups, meaning that the idol-dominant phenomenon from 2008 is still going strong in the k-pop world.

In addition, 15 were songs from "I am a Singer", "Infinite Challenge", "Superstar K" and other music related TV shows and eight were soundtracks of popular TV dramas such as "Dream High."

Although the recent rise in music related TV shows have allowed for more variety in the idol-dominant K-Pop market, many have begun to criticize that they are impeding the career of full-time singers: music from shows such as "Infinite Challenge" nab the popular support away from songs of high musical value.

The situation is not much different among top 100 albums released during the past year. 74% of the popular albums are that of idol singers, 10% are drama soundtrack compilations and 11% are albums from music shows.

It is alarming to see that among the various singers featured on the charts, only two of them, Huh Gak and Kim Bo Kyung, are newly debuted singers. And even these two were only able to make a debut through their stardom in "Superstar K." This is a clear indication of how difficult it has become for new singers to penetrate the mainstream k-pop market.

Only two pop artists, Maroon5 and LMFAO, managed to make it to the top 100.
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