Season 2 of KPOP Star Under Review

SBS 'KPOP Star' is coming to an end on April 29th.

It has been announced that KPOP Star is coming to an end as of April 29, 2012 and the discussions of a possible season 2 are taking place at SBS.

A representative of 'KPOP Star' has commented, "The current judges, BoA, Yang Hyunsuk, and Park Jinyoung have revealed their desire to participate in season2."

'KPOP Star' is a Korean audition program with representatives from the Korea's top three entertainment companies, YG, SM, and JYP, participating as judges. The winner of this audition program will go home with $300,000 and a contact with SM, YG, or JYP to become a singer.
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