"K-Pop Star" Lee Ha Ee vs. Park Ji Min "Who Will Win?"

On "Survival Auditon K-Pop Star" there are two potential winners: They are Lee Ha Ee and Park Ji Min.

The episode that will be aired live on the 19th will reveal the participants who will be filling up the remaining 8 seats available.

Of all the battles that will continue on throughout the episode, the most anticipated battle of the night will be the one of Lee Ha Ee vs. Park Ji Min.

On the previous episode of "K-Pop Star" Lee Ha Ee impressively sang "Mercy" in front of judge Park Jin Young during their one-on-one training session. After hearing her sing, Park Jin Young asked her "How do you sing so well?" This quick preview of her performance built up the anticipation and is keeping the audience on their toes, waiting.

On the other hand, Park Ji Min's song has not been released so there is an expectation of drastic change.

Both Lee Ha Ee and Park Ji Min stated that they would be happy even if they placed 2nd. They both knew that it would be a hard battle to overcome.

The representatives of "K-Pop Star" stated "The participants will show their audience their significant increase in skill and stage manner in this coming episode" and "Don't miss any of the performances and please support all participants."

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