INFINITE Encore Concert Sold Out, Marking it as Fourth Consecutive Sold Out Concert

INFINITE is one their way to making themselves known as a guaranteed concert hit as they continue their first Japan concert from last September to this year’s Seoul, Japan and encore concerts have consecutively been sold out.

An encore concert was added for April 1 after the successful completion of ‘Second Invasion’ concert held on February 11-12 to give fans another opportunity to participate in the concert.

The tickets for the encore concert went on sale on February 28 at 8PM KST with 150,000 people logged in simultaneously causing the servers to overload which resulted in a lot of lag.

The entire seats of 10,000 were sold out right away, marking their fourth consecutive concert to be sold out.

A concert organizer stated, “It’s not easy to sell out an entire ticket for a size of the gymnastic stadium. This is more so for an encore concert. INFINITE who possesses strong vocal and powerful choreography is evolving into a status of divinity in the performance world.”

The encore concert titled ‘Second Invasion –Evolution’ aims to modify some parts such as sound, lights and special effects from the first ‘Second Invasion’ concert to deliver an even more splendid and magnificent performance.
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