FT Island Lee Honggi on 1-100, "I Want Another Challenge"

FT Island's lead singer Lee Honggi appeared on KBS quiz show 1-100. Although Lee Honggi was lucky in many rounds, he lost at the 8th round, at one to one battle with a audience quest. The lucky winner named Kim Youngsu took 8,850,000 won as a prize.

Lee Honggi had a very good start at the quiz show, where a celebrity would battle with 100 audience guests, with several chances and saves given to him/her. Lee Honggi moved all the way up to the 8th round, but this time Lee Honggi had no clue. If he had passed this round, he could have won 50 million Korean won. He expressed his disapppointment but did not lose his sense of humour, jokingly asking, "So, what's the prize for the second place?" Later, he confessed that he was so nervous tha he almost had a cramp on his muscles. "But it was fun. I think I did something meaningful," Lee Honggi concluded.
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