Girl Group’s Ranking For February 2012

Recently an image of ranking the girl groups that someone has created for amusement has been buzzing the internet community as netizens spread out like wild fire.

In the uploaded image there are total of 16 girl groups that are ranked according to their popularity.

The post presents Girls’ Generation as ‘fourth dimension insurmountable wall’ showing their popularity.

The runner up following behind Girl’s Generation is 2NE1. They are selected as Korea’s talented girl group while representing YG Entertainment along with Big Bang. The nationwide constituency ranks Wonder Girls and KARA shoulder to shoulder and f(x) is right below them.

Brown Eyed Girls and miss A is placed at the top of society, Secret and SISTAR is placed below them.

According to mania boundary there is 4minute and After School, while A Pink, Girl’s Day, and Rainbow is in popularity Maginot Line.
Lastly Dal Shabet is narrowly placed in Maginot Line.

Netizens commented, “As expected it’s Girls’ Generation that is the highest,” “I wonder who will bring down Girls’ Generation,” “T-ara grew a lot,” and “This seems very subjective.”
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