'1N2D' New Center: Youngest Joo Won?

'1 Night 2 Days' Season 2 is bringing much expectations to the viewers. Viewers are most interested in the 'center' spot, of who will take over the spot of Kang HoDong and Lee SooGeun.

On the 3rd, a teaser video of KBS 2TV 'Happy Sunday 1 Night 2 Days' was revealed. The expectations of who will take the center spot with 4 additional members is arousing much excitement among the viewers.

In the teaser were the moments of when the members first meet, and when they're playing games. They seemed to have come up with new ways to shout the '1 Night 2 Days', and the members trying hard to be enthusiastic was portrayed.

The youngest of the members, Joo Won, was seen to be in the middle while shouting the '1 Night 2 Days', catching the attention of the viewers. After the teaser had been posted, comments saying 'Joo Won is surprisingly the new center' were posted. But the true center will be revealed only when the actual show is aired, because the center keeps changing in the teaser.

The first show of '1N2D' Season 2 will be aired on the 4th.
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