'Dream High 2' Kang So Ra Betrays Jun Jin Woon and Chooses JB!

During an episode of "YunYeGa JoongGye" that was aired on March 3rd, behind the scenes footage of the filming of 'Dream High 2' was revealed.

From the drama 'Dream High 2', Kang So Ra who plays the role of Shin He Sung and Jung Jin Woon who plays Jin Yu Jin were interviewed.

During the interview, Kang So Ra was asked a question with an obvious answer. She was asked, "Who would you pick between JB and Jung Jin Woon?"To everyone's surprise, she betrayed Jung Jin Woon and chose JB with hesitation. Jung Jin Woon seemed disappointed by her answer and had nothing to say.

Jung Jin Woon made everybody laugh by saying, "Wow.. really" and "A person should be consistant even when somebody is with them or not."

Meanwhile, 'Dream High' is aired every Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS 2TV.
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