Netizens worry for U-Know Yunho upon Jun Ji Hyun's wedding announcement

Netizens are showing different reactions to top star Jun Ji Hyun's wedding announcement.

On the 1st J&Co announced "She will be marrying Choi Jun Hyuk on the June 2nd at Seoul Shin La Hotel".

Netizens who heard the news commented "I envy the man she's marrying though she's getting married because it's her time to go", "I can't believe she's getting married, so weird", and etc...

DBSK Yunho's fans are also expressing their concerns via SNS. Yunho had picked Jun Ji Hyun as his ideal girl since his debut. Netizens commented "he needs to change his ideal girl", "that sucks he must be in a total shock", "Yunho must be crying a river", and etc...

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