Big Bang World Tour, Abundant with 13 Tons of Rice ‘Harvest’

The tons of rice sent by the fans for the group Big Bang has made it an abundant 'harvest.'

Big Bing will make the opening of the '2012 Big Bang Alive Tour' at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium on March 2 at 8 pm.

To congratulate the day, the fans sent mound of rice and briquettes. The countries that sent rice to Big Bang's first of the world tour adds up to 67 and are mostly from Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Philippine, China and Japan.

The collected rice measured almost 13 tons were sent from 80 sites combined. There were total of 2500 briquettes which together with rice will be given to the charity.

According to YG Entertainment, the rice collected for this concert is the most for all YG concerts so far.

Along with the new album release, the group setting out for a world tour will hold the first come back stage '2012 Big Show/Big Bang Alive Tour' with the directing company Live Nation that has made world tours with world musicians including Lady Gaga and Madonna.
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