IU, KARA to Performs at '2012 SPRING/SUMMER Tokyo Girls Collection'

Popular artist IU and KARA has made appearances a Japan's biggest fashion event, '14th SPRING/SUMMER Tokyo Girls Collection' at the Yokohama Arena on March 3.

The theme of the event was 'Sherbet Garden' that had about 100 top popular actress and models introducing the latest spring and summer outfits, there were more than 27,000 people attending the event.

IU captivated the audience with her performance of 'Good Day' her Japan debut single that was released on February 21, she also received applause by standing on the runway together with Japan's top models.

KARA also performed the theme song of URAKARA 'Ima Okuritai, Arigatou' they were sitting on chairs due to Nicole's ankle injury while Park Gyuri was lip sync her parts due to her recent vocal fold nodule removal surgery.

The Tokyo Girls Collection is a biannual festival held since August 2005 to showcase Japan's most popular 'real clothes' which also can be purchased on site through mobile e-commerce.
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