SNSD Jessica Flew 20,000km Back And Forth In 2 Weeks!

Jessica, a member of Girls Generation, have been making appearances all across the world along with the other members as well as making sure to be on set for the filming of the drama "Wild Romance."

Jessica has been to the U.S., France, Thailand and everywhere else the SNSD girls have been making appearances. Regardless of her busy schedule as a member of SNSD, she never missed a filming of the drama "Wild Romance." She is actually known as the one that brightens up the studio with her energetic personality. Within only two weeks, Jessica have been appearing on TV in New York and Paris to Bangkok and flew a record milage with a whopping total of 20,000km, which is approximately 12,427 miles.

In her first acting role in the popular drama "Wild Romance," Jessica has gained a significant amount of respect as an actress. Jessica stated "It was my first acting role so it was a happy but nerve wrecking project for me. It was an honor that I got to work with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young and I want to thank them for helping me so much throughout the filming of the drama. They helped me with my lines as well as my acting."

Jessica also stated that she will continue working hard to become a better member of SNSD and a better actress.
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