Se7en: "'When I Can't Sing' was originally JYP's"

Se7en revealed the behind-story of his song 'When I Can't Sing'.

On the 28th, Se7en revealed that the song was originally JYP's through SBS 'Strong Heart'.

According to Se7en, he was having a drink with YG, JYP, and Psy after 'K-Pop Star'. At this time, when Se7en was a bit drunk, he asked JYP "I'm working on my next album, and I really want to do one song of yours", and JYP willingly agreed.

After this, JYP showed Se7en several songs that he made, but Se7en couldn't choose any that felt like was his. So JYP said, "I was planning to sing this song but if you like it, I'll write a similar one to it", and as soon as Se7en heard it, he wanted to take it.

On the spot, Se7en even asked for a dance to the song. Even YG and Psy said it would be better for Se7en to sing the song. Psy even said, "If you don't give this song to Se7en, I'm going to copy the song and publish it." So JYP gave the song to Se7en, and their collaboration created Se7en's new album.
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