Eun JiWon's Wife: "Child? I want to have one"

Singer Eun JiWon's wife said that she is planning to have a child in the near future.

In KBS 2TV 'Win, Win' on the 28th, Eun JiWon was invited as the guest, and his wife came out as a surprise through a phone call.

She said that Eun JiWon has been infatuated with games and that she's jealous of the computer. When she was asked, "Are you planning to have a child sooner or later?", she replied "I'm not too young anymore so yes."

But she added, "It's hard to see JiWon at night, so it's hard."

Eun JiWon added to this, "I want to have a child but I'm afraid. My values will change when I become the head of a family."

To this, MC Tak JaeHoon said, "Just raise him up quickly and play games with him. I play games with my children while they yell at me", bringing laughter to the set.
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