Se7en Auditioned for JYP in a Hotel Room!

On the 28th of February, an episode of "Strong Heart" was aired. In the episode, Se7en revealed that after an event in the past, he was celebrating with Yang Hyun Suk, JYP, and Psy in a hotel room.

Se7en asked JYP for a song while they were in the hotel room and after a long period of thinking, JYP let Se7en listen to a song which was "Even if I can't sing."

Se7en stated, "Right as I heard the song, I knew I had to have that song no matter what it takes" and revealed that Yang Hyun Suk and Psy also tried to get the song from JYP.

However, JYP said that he was saving that song for himself and kept hesitating. In order to convince JYP, Se7en began to sing and dance in the hotel room. He basically auditioned at the spot.
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