Miss A Suzy "The Kiss with Kim Soo Hyun was Most Memorable"

On the 28th of February, an episode of "Strong Heart" featured artists like SNSD Seo Hyun, Se7en and Miss A's Suzy.

In the episode, Suzy stated, "I'm still underage but I already had 4 kiss scnes in drama." and began her talk.

In the KBS 2TV drama "Dream High" Suzy kissed Taek Yeon of 2PM and also Kim Soo Hyun and then Woo Young at the end. And in a recent movie, she kissed Lee Jae Hoon. Lee Jae Hoon is the handsome charismatic actor from the movie "Go Ji Jun".

Out of all of her kiss scene partners, Suzy stated, "The most memorable kiss scene was with Kim Soo Hyun for the bus kiss scene. Kim Soo Hyun taught me how to get the right angle for kissing so I was able to do it well."

Miss A's Suzy has recently played a role in a movie that will be released in early March. The movie is called "Introduction to Architecture." One of her co-stars in the movie is the famous actress Han Ga In.
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