Park Shin Hye vs SNSD Seohyun? Definitely Park Shin Hye!

When asked to pick between the two women, Yoon Gun of Brown Eyes picked Park Shin Hye.

During the MBC music reality program "Music and Lyrics" Yoon Gun answered that he thought "Park Shin Hye is prettier" than SNSD Seohyun.

"Music and Lyrics" is a show which pairs up a top actress with one of the best musicians and lets them work on their own personal song for a month and perform it later on. Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye did not know who their partners were until the day of the shoot.

After exchanging some shy hellos', the two proceeded for dinner at a traditional Korean restaurant in Insa-Dong. They were enjoying some dongdong ju (traditional Korean alcohol) after finishing their meal until Yoon Gun suddenly decided to call someone. Gil and Gary of Leessang appeared only moments later.

Park Shin Hye appeared to be thoroughly entertained by Gary's humorous remarks which caused Gil to warn Yoon Gun "Hyung, you'd better watch out. At this rate, Shin Hye will grow closer to Gary."

Then Gil sneakily asked "I saw that article about your duet with SNSD Seohyun. Do you think she's prettier or Shinhye is prettier?"

Yoon Gun firmly answered "Definitely Shin Hye," which appears to have embarrassed and delighted Park Shin Hye.

The show "Music and Lyrics" will be aired every Friday at midnight.
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