Kara Koo Ha Ra & 4Minute Hyun Ah "Who's Prettier?"

On an episode of "Chung Choon Bool Pae" on KBS 2TV, 4Minute's Hyun Ah and Kara's Koo Ha Ra were featured.

On the 25th on February, a bulletin post popped up within an online community that was titled, "Hyun Ah and Koo Ha Ra." The bulletin post read, "Spring? Fall? When is this? First time seeing this photo" and uploaded a photo with the bulletin post.

In the picture, Kara's Koo Ha Ra and 4Minute's Hyun Ah can be seen posing for the camera. The two girls were both making victory signs with their hands and took the picture very closed to each other revealing their good friendship.

Hyun Ah's face is covered with her long bangs and had had waves in her red-brown hair. She is wearing a black jacket and is carrying a light brown backpack. Koo Ha Ra looks years younger with two pony tails tied with tiffany-blue colored ribbons. She is wearing a white and black hoodie.

Netizens responded to the picture with comments like, "Koo Ha Ra, Win!", "Hyun Ah is so cute", "They're both pretty" and etc.
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