MBLAQ Fan Meeting Gathers 1,500 Fans of Various Nationalities!

Idol group MBLAQ's official fan club had a meeting with the idol stars on the 19th of February in Seoul at Yonsei University.

It was reported that over 1,500 fans of various nationalities showed up for MBLAQ's fan meeting. MBLAQ first performed "It's War" from their 4th mini album and heated up the meeting. Bloopers from their music videos and unreleased clips were shown to their fans and the members of MBLAQ enjoyed the night with their fans.

For their game event, they had a peppero eating game. Members brough joy to their fans as they almost kissed each other trying to eat the most peppero to end up with the smallest piece.

The members also performed "Cry", "Drawing", "You're my +", "Y", and "Oh yeah" at the fan meeting.

January of last year, they had their first fan meeting. MBLAQ members showed expressed their gratitude for their fan club members and created a loving atmosphere.
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