Kyuhyun and Lou YiXiao bid a teary farewell in “We got Married”

On the February 25th episode of "We got Married" T-ara Hyomin and Super Junior Kyuhyun were featured in the china special commemorating 20 years of diplomatic relations between China and Korea.

Kyuhyun and Lou YiXiao, who had enjoyed two sweet days as a married couple, were reluctant to leave. When Kyuhyun presented Lou YiXiao with a pendant containing a picture of the two, she was tearing with sadness.

During his interview, which was aired later in the show, Kyuhyun said "Lou YiXiao, although the last two days were very short, I will remember them forever. I have faith that someday we will be able to reunite in Korea."

During Lou YiXiao's interview, she said "Sweetie, I love you so much. I miss you" and teared up, surprising Kyuhyun and the filming crew. A clip, of them both saying "Lovers are connected by their hearts" in Chinese, was aired after the interviews.

T-ara's Hyomin had paired up with China's Fu Xinbo.
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