Fu Xin Bo Laughs At T-Ara Hyo Min's Naked Face

On the 25th of February, an episode of "We're Married" was aired on MBC. This was a special episode that showed T-Ara's Hyo Min and Super Junior's Gyu Hyun.

In the episode, Hyo Min and Fu Xin Bo met in Korea for the first time and also took their wedding photos. The couple went on a date to a public sauna.

Fu Xin Bo changed first and was wating for Hyo Min when she appeared without any make-up on her face. After starign at her face for a few seconds, Fu Xin Bo burst out laughing and made Hyo Min blush. Fu Xin Bo said, "You're pretty, pretty" and made her feel better. After their date at the sauna, Fu Xin Bo kept teasing her. The audience commented that he's more comfortable after seeing her face without any make-up.

On the same day, "We're Married" featured a segment that showed the Chinese version of "We're Married" as a special. It was the 20th anniversary of the Chinese version of "We're Married."

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