'Fashion King' Yuri, Acting Approved By the Staff

SNSD Yuri trying acting for the first time through 'Fashion King' has gotten a stamp of approval from the staff.

Yuri, who is taking the role of Choi AnNah for the new SBS drama 'Fashion King', has been filming in NY. She's been doing a good job acting out hard feelings.

Director Lee MyeongUk did not hold back any compliments, saying, "I was honestly a bit worried because the role requires a lot more than what new actors can handle. After the casting, I met up with her more than 10 times to talk about the acting. I gave her a tape-recording of a lot of my advice and I think she studied that a lot on her own. I can see it in her acting."

Yuri said, "I didn't want to lose the acting flow during the Asia Tour so I watched the recording over and over again. I've always wanted to act, so I'm so happy that I was given this opportunity. The staff members help me a lot so it's so fun, and I'm so excited."

'Fashion King' is a drama that draws ambition, trial, sucess, and love regarding fashion of the young generation. It will be first aired on March 12th.
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