Kim Na Yoon makes a smashing return on K-Pop Star as #1

On the February 19th episode of K-Pop Star, Kim Na Yoon made it to final 10 that will proceed to participate in the live auditions.

The auditions grouped contestants from SM, YG, JYP into teams of three and Kim was in a group with Son Mijin and Lee Seung Joo.

As the first contestant on stage, Son Mijin received both critical and positive feedback.

Lee Seung joo appeared to be rather anxious as well which led JYP to comment that "it was hard to listen to the singing due to the instability of pitch."

Kim Na Yoon, however, captivated the judges with a powerful performance of "Hit The Road Jack" by Ray Charles.

JYP commented "Kim is back! You looked so much more comfortable."

BoA complimented "Welcome back. It was an honest and excellent stage."

Yang Hyun suk, who had trained her during the past week, said that he felt "proud and happy."

Although Son Mijin got a second chance, Lee Seung joo will unfortunately leave the show as third place.

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