IU Holds Fan Signing Event

Singer IU's popularity was realized during her fan signing event.

Fans have started to revealed photos they have taken personally during IU's fan signing event which was held at a large market in Kimpo on February 19.

On this day, IU showed off her cute smile with her self-lumious beauty wearing a lovely pink knitted sweater. In particular, it was amusing to see a fan go down on his knees in front of IU.

IU's popularity was evident from the hundreds of fans that gathered at the location. It has been said that IU consistently smiled for her fans who waited for such a long time.

Netizens commented, "IU, you look so pretty in your pink sweater", "I want to get your autograph, too", "IU, you shine wherever you go" and etc.

IU will be releasing her Japanese debut single "Good Day" on March 2.

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