Kang Minkyung of Davichi complains “I can’t do high notes”

Kang Minkyung revealed her difficulties due to the high pitch prevalent in many of Davichi's songs.

On the February 17th episode of "Yoo Hee Yul's Sketchbook" the female duo Davichi was featured singing "8282" and "I will remember you."

Similar to "8282" which challenges the duo with prevalent high notes, many of their songs proved to be difficult for Kang Minkyung, who said that "the songs are all generally too high which makes it really hard for me."

She also added that "we usually record the song initially in a 'normal' key and when the composers see us taking it well, they always ask if we should raise it by a whole entire pitch."

Kang Minkyung claims that despite having released four albums, Davichi can really only take credit for one of them since the other three were mini albums.

Lee Hyeri added that "We are planning to release our official 2nd album later this year. It's tough on us but we will try our best to come back with something worth the wait."

In addition to Davichi, Lyn, Evan, Ham Chun ho, and Sweet Sorrow were also featured on the show.

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