Kang HoDong to 1N2D members: "Sorry, Thank You"

Entertainer Kang HoDong was with the members of '1 Night 2 Days' till the end.

He strengthened the bond between him and the rest of the members by texting each member after the last airing of 1N2D on the 26th. He texted Lee SooGeun, Um TaeWoong, Eun JiWon, Lee SeungGi, and Kim JongMin saying "Good job for the past 5 years."

In September, when Kang HoDong declared his retirement, he apologized to his fellow members for not being able to go to the end as the 'oldest brother'.

Kang HoDong said to the members, "I'm sorry, and thank you", revealing his feelings about their last filming.

One representative for one of the members said, "They teared up when they saw HoDong's text. He left midway, but he remained as their 'big brother'."

Representative of another member said "He was sad that HoDong was not with them till the end. As all the members feel and know, HoDong is the one that raised up '1N2D', and turned the members to who they are today. It's inevitable to tear up at the text from that kind of person."

'1N2D' will take on its new start on March 4th. Lee SeungGi and Eun JiWon will be leaving, while the rest of the crew continues their work. Four additional members will be going on the journey with them.
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