K-Pop Star’s Ten Live Audition Contestants Confirmed!

Contestants including Michelle Lee, Park Jehyung, Lee Seung Hun, and Park Jimin have made it to the live auditions.

During the February 26th episode of K-Pop Star, the runner-up contestants battled to obtain a ticket to the live audition stage.

Their near perfect stages were highly lauded by all the judges.

Oh Tae Suk, Michelle Lee, Son Mijin, Park Jehyung, Lee Seung hun, Park Jimin, and Lee Kun woo did their best to wow the judges, but in the end, only four of them were selected. The lucky four were Lee Michelle, Park Je hyung, Lee Seung hun, and Park Jimin. Judges regretted that they could not grant the stage to all the performers and they teared up to see Son Mijin burst in to tears.

The live auditions will start on March 4th.
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