'Dream High 2' Super Idol Auditions!

On the KBS 2TV, the drama 'Dream High 2' will open their official Super Idol Auditions!

The Super Idol Auditions will consist of a battle between Kirin Performing Arts School's 'Dol+i' and 'best idol' teams. Dream High 2 stars are already causing up a stir by building up the anticipation.

On the 9th episode of 'Dream High 2', Jin Yu Jin (Jung Jin Woon) was chosen as the first member of Super Idol. The competition for the spot in Super Idol will continue on their auditons.

The theme for the upcoming competition will be "Rain". Each team will have to come up with ideas to express how they perceive rain.

Cast and crew of 'Dream High 2' stated, "I hope the audience enjoys the episode because we worked very hard on the performances. I'm very thankful for the actors who have all filmed very happily."

The performance will be aired on the 27th of February.
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