The Increase of Global Popularity of K-Pop Stars, Decreases Korea Regional Tour

Idol groups who has raised up the national brand as well as Korea’s economy, spreading Korean culture in different parts of the world has now come to face a dilemma as the chances to meet the local fans in Korea has come to be scarce.

The number of concerts in Korea has decreased compared to the increase in world tours. It’s already been 3 years since an idol group held a national Korea tour.

Big Bang concert in 2008 is considered to be most recent local tour in Korea. There are concerts of 2PM in 2010 in Busan, 2011 JYJ’s Busan, Kwangju concert however those are only one concert in several local cities.

TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD (Girls’ Generation) haven’t recently held any concerts while BEAST, 2NE1, KARA, INFINITE has held concert in Seoul only.

This led the fans gather from different parts of Korea to come to Seoul to see their favorite idol group in a concert. The fans would rent a bus together there are times when the entertainment company would coordinate a schedule for the fans to easily join the concerts in Seoul.

As a new trend emerges for idol group concerts in Korea, it is setting a new concert culture for both the fans and stars.

Regardless fans are excited to see their favorite stars gain popularity all over the world.
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