Concert Venue only for K-Pop Artists to build in Korea

Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is to announce the plan to construct a special concert hall that is only for K-pop artists.

February 29 the seminar held by the ministry will take place to discuss the needs of constructing a concert hall to examine the direction and key issues.

The press release by the Ministry states, “Popular music market has increased over 74% growth in just one year, even though there is only one indoor venue large enough to accommodate over 10,000 people.”

Continuing on, “Entertainment companies in Korea are sending their artists overseas however while domestically top musicians face a limit to express their passion and creativity due to limitations of stage, sound quality, lights and facilities.”

They said “Government will need to establish the venue infrastructure in order to support the continuous expansion of K-Pop. First stop forward is to discuss the direction and other issues with music industry experts to hear diverse opinions related to the issue.”

The Ministry has a further plan to create a multimedia facility with creative studios, rehearsal room, and 3D imaging equipment.
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