Girls' Generation and Won Bin's FIrst 3D Smart TV Commerical

LG Electronics selected Girls’ Generation with existing model, actor Won Bin to attract more attention for their new Cinema 3D Smart TV commercial.

The commercial is show Girls’ Generation’s member Jessica release a dove as Won Bin watching from his LG Cinema 3D Smart TV tries to catch the dove as it comes to him out from the screen. LG is portraying the realness of TV through these effects.

The commercial will be released in four different versions. As each one of the commercial will showcase each member of Girls’ Generation it will be exciting for fans to watch.

LG Electronics representative shared, “We wanted upgrade our product ‘LG Cinema 3D Smart TV’ by using the brand image of Girls’ Generation who is leading the hallyu wave and popular actor Won Bin. This will create a synergy effect of our brand together with the brand image and status of the models. We wish to show commercials that will continuously appeal to a wider community.”
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