Big Bang’s ‘Blue’ Earns Gold Medal on YouTube!

Big Bang's 'BLUE' music video gaining an explosive response from fans have received two gold medals from YouTube.

YouTube awards popular videos in gold, silver and bronze categories include 'All Time Most Popular,' 'Recently Most Popular,' and 'Trending." 'Blue' that has received numerous views and 'Likes' received two medals for 'Recently Most Popular Video', and 'Trending'.

The music video is continuing to thrive by passing 8M hits within 5 days since its release on February 22.

After the track's release it has been number 1 on chars such as Melon, Cyworld, Soribada, Olleh Music, and Mnet.

Big Bang is proving their popularity through the number of views of their music and music video, make note that it hasn't been a week since the track was released. The awaited mini album will hit shelves on February 29.

The group is to kick off their 'Big Bang Alive Tour 2012' on March 2-4 at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.
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