Big Bang in Running Man: Daesung, "Top is Actually Klutzy!"

On a recent shoot of SBS's Running Man, Big Bang's Daesung disclosed that TOP's cold, charisamatic persona is a made-up image.

During the shoot, TOP showed his relaxed and even clumsy sides, making the co-stars and producers laugh. A few years ago, TOP made an acting debut on "Irs," the hit action drama starring Lee Byunghun, as a ruthless and brutal killer. This, along with his charismatic performance on the stage, has defined the image of TOP so far.

Daesung said, "You remember TOP as a cold-hearted killer from 'Iris," He is actually so gentle and childlike, even a little klutzy."

He continued, "Real TOP and the killer in 'Iris' are completely different, He has warm and mild personality."

On the shoot, TOP was indeed smiling all the time and being sucn as nice man, to the surprise of all.
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