Most Beautiful Endless Challenge - Wonder Girls

"Wonder Girls and I took foolish challenge in the last few years which doesn't make sense."

On twitter, JYP finally shared about their challenges of entering US market. And debates about JYP's decision sprouted in various places online.

They Left When They Were Most Successful

The sensation that Wonder Girls brought to Korea with their song 'Tell Me' in 2007 was groundbreaking. It was called 'Tell Me Syndrome' and there was almost no celebrity or person who didn't follow their song and dance in Korea. The chorus of the song was so repetitive and addictive that anybody who listened to it got stuck to the song. Popular songs that came out after 'Tell Me' including 'Gee' by Girls' Generation followed the same model. Wonder Girls' follow-up song 'No Body' even hit greater; there was no group that can be compared with Wonder Girls for influence in Korea.

That's why many people didn't understand when Wonder Girls announced to stop their activities in Korea to go to US. It was not an easy decision. Their journey started from the US before the sensation of K-pop wave reached here.

Different Approach

There were some artists who knocked on the door of US entertainment market: Seven from YG Entertainment was one of those. When he announced to stop his activities and leave for US for his challenge, he was already successful in Korea with his albums. But he couldn't get the attention of fans in US even though he worked with famous musicians like Lil Kim, the singer who sang Moulin Rouge OST song 'Lady Marmalade' together with Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Pink.

BoA with SM Entertainment prepared for many years to get into US market with her debut single 'Eat You Up', but it couldn't succeed in drawing enough interest of local fans.

JYP chose a different direction for Wonder Girls. Rather than opening up with big concerts and risking not being successful in the end, they silently spread the name of Wonder Girls somewhat following the popular idol band 'Jonas Brothers.' JYP's lesson from the attempts by other groups was that they tried to go into the main stream, so JYP chose to take the non-main stream for Wonder Girls.

It had a good result and Wonder Girls was ranked 76th in Bill Board's Single Chart 'Hot 100' on the third week of October. It was the first time in 30 years for Asian singers to be included in the Bill Board main chart. They were introduced in the TV program 'Asia Pop Sensation' in the 'Wendy Williams Show,' and 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

Original SNS Marketing Generation

What made them able to make debut in US was the entertainment blog 'perezhilton.com'. After 'Nobody' video that was posted on this blog by an American who was introduced to this video by his Korean friend was shown on this blog, JYP signed a contract with 'Jonas Group' that produced 'Jonas Brothers'.

Around that time, teens in US already used internet and mobile service on a daily basis. Many of the fans at concerts shared their first experience of knowing Wonder Girls through Youtube. After joining the concerts by 'Jonas Brothers,' many fans in LA already got to know about Wonder Girls before their coming to LA. Other fans also got to know about Wonder Girls through internet fan community of Jonas Brothers and learned their schedule through Youtube and Twitter.

It was Wonder Girls' strategy to approach teens, according to the comment made by JYP's representative Jung Wook.

Different Evaluation

But since there was not an impressive progress and results from their activities followed up in the US, many of the public view their decision to leave for US negative and unwise. Some undervalued their accomplishment of being ranked as 76th on Billboard Chart; they think that number of 76th on Billboard is only meaningful in Korea but not in US.

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation made a big success in Japan and the group was aired on major TV shows in US such as 'Late Show with David Letterman' on CBS and 'Live! with Kelly' on ABC.

Difficulties Wonder Girls experienced in US can be imagined through the quitting of one member, Sunmi.

Challenge is Still Being Made

Wonder Girls had a successful come back with their new song 'Be My Baby' in Nov 2011 in Korea. Fans' response of 'The DJ is Mine' which is OST in the movie 'The Wonder Girls at the Apollo' is also hot. Billboard.com announced the Wonder Girls comeback of revival with their English Single. Famous blogger Perez Hilton praised the song 'The DJ is Mine' as a really attractive song at his website.

Their film 'The Wonder Girls at the Apollo's teaser was also released which was directed by Nick Cannon who is singer/actor/movie director, also husband of Mariah Carey. It's about Wonder Girls who battle in dance and singing with other girls at school.

Things are still moving forward since the first debut in US. Members of Wonder Girls shared, "Our activities are not finished yet. We think it's too early to measure the failure or success. We know that some estimate us as lower than their expectation of success, but we are still running. Our challenge didn't end yet."
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