KARA Makeover in Japan Single Music Video

KARA released the full music video of their new Japanese single ‘Speed Up’ on February 29.
The members in the music video are all shown to be wearing darker smoky makeup with sexy clothes. Unlike their usual image of being cute, sporty image the group caught the viewer’s attention with more powerful and daring choreography.
Goo Hara especially stood out as she transformed into a black outfit, tight band hairstyle, and dark smoky makeup that is reminiscent of Beyonce. Park Gyuri and Nicole also showed off their femininity in a revealing black mini dress and fur jacket and leather jacket.
Han Seungyeon and Kang Jiyoung the youngest were each in shiny loose-fitting top matched with hot pants, boots and a red leather jacket with black hot pants giving off a tough and powerful feeling.
Netizens reacted after finishing the music video, “Cool that KARA could change like this,” “KARA popped sexiness. I want this image in Korea also,” and “So excited about the new album.”
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