Chae Si-Ra Past Photo Resemble SNSD Yuri

SNSD Girls Generation Yuri Chae Si Ra

Actress Chae Si-Ra revealed a past photo on 'Healing Camp' that resembles Girls' Generation's Yuri on March 5.

MC Kim Jae Dong introduced Chae Si-Ra as "Today's guest is someone that I considered to be a top star during my school days."

Han Hye-Jin looking one past photo asked Chae Si-Ra, "You look absolutely beautiful. How longer was this photo taken?" She jokingly answered witha satisfactory smile, "five years ago?" that made the crowd fall into huge laughter.

Lee Kyoung Kyu also praised the beauty of Chae Si-Ra saying, "I am reminded of Chae Si-Ra's past when I look at Girls' Generation's Yuri as they resemble each other very much." Both of their photos were shown side by side proving that that they indeed have beautiful resemblance.
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