Bt94 million earmarked for political parties

The Election Commission on Thursday approved the Bt94 million funds earmarked for the development of political parties for the 2012 fiscal year.

The Pheu Thai Party is slated to receive Bt40 million, followed by the Democrat Party (Bt38 million), the Bhum Jai Thai Party (Bt 6.7 million, the Chart Thai Pattana Party (Bt3.5 million), the Chart Pattana (Bt2.5 million), the Rak Prathet Thai Party (Bt1.3 million and the Matubhum Party (Bt1 million).

Under provisions of the Political Parties Act, the EC has the jurisdiction over the Political Development Fund, set up to subsidise parties's activities. The allocation of funds hinges on House seats won and a minimum win of 0.5 per cent of proportionate votes cast in the general election.
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