BEAST Heats Up Singapore! 5,500 Fans Attend Concert

On March 3rd, BEAST members opened their 4th concert for their "Beautiful Show" world tour in Singapore.

For two and a half hours, BEAST performed "Special", "Breath", "Shock", "Beautiful", "Fiction", and many more hit songs. They performed a total of 24 songs and heated up the 5,500 fans who showed up for their concert.

Fnas from many different countries showed up early in the morning despite the hot weather conditions at the location. Fans waited in long times to purchase souvenirs from the BEAST concert. There were 9 different items that totalled to be 10,000 pieces of souvenirs. Every single souvenir was sold out within half an hour.

BEAST's leader Yoon Doo Jun stated, "I was in Singapore many times but it was always a short visit. I'm so happy we are having our own exclusive concert here today."

BEAST members have been to 4 different countries and performed in front of 36,000 fans in total. Their world tour has been a success. They will continue to Indoneisa, Japan and etc.
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