Wider Media Coverage Gives K-Pop Stars More Love

There are many artists who make a comeback through different avenues other than their music itself. That being said the image of stars can be damaged or recovered through their appearance or lack thereof. When a positive light is casted in one aspect of the celebrities then it leads to a positive image overall.

A columnist Lee Moon Won recently mentioned BoA as the most beneficiary of SBS ‘K-Pop Star.’ She appears as one of the judges representing SM Entertainment.

BoA is known more of her success to break through in Japan. However her popularity has been dwindling since 2007 which made her image as a star whose best days has passed. In the mindset of Korean fans she is more recognized as ‘BoA =Japan.’

Since her appearance as a judge in ‘K-Pop Star’ audition program she was casted in a more friendly character while being approachable towards the viewers. Her value as an artist also increased as she is representing one of the big 3 entertainment labels in Korea.

There are other artists who have leveraged the appearance of TV show to reflect their success as a singer. A male solo artist Kim Jong Kook in 2005 appeared on a popular TV show beloved by many viewers, then that year his new album ‘One Man’ was awarded by all 3 major broadcasting companies.

Rain appeared in drama ‘Full House’ achieving 40% rating that lead him to be recognized as most popular solo singer. The drama was released in many other countries which paved the foundation for him to become a world star.

Then there is Super Junior where the each member is more active in other diverse fields such as acting, MC, and DJ. They have appeared in TV show ‘Strong Heart’ to even popular kids program ‘Kiss Kiss.’

All ranges of young to the most popular idol groups are leading the way to drama, musicals and TV shows. SNSD’s Yoona appeared in ‘You Are My Destiny’ in 2008, Uee from After School starred in ‘Ojakgyo Brothers,’ Park Yoo Chun from JYJ in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal,’ and Kim Jae Joong in ‘Protect the Boss’ all in year 2011. While Im Siwan from ZE:A in ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’ in 2012. T.O.P from Big Bang appeared in the movie ‘Into the Fire’ in 2010.

Also American singers have shown the same principle applies in the U.S. as well.

Famous actor Will Smith was known as a rapper until he appeared on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ on 1990 followed by the movie ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ in 1993, which made him to be recognized as an actor. Mandy Moore found her calling to be in acting rather than being a singer through her appearance in ‘A Walk to Remember’ in 2002. Famous singer/songwriter Justin Timberlake is an all-round player who has been nominated for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals at the 52nd Grammy Awards in 2008 with his single ‘Love Sex Magic’ also he can be seen in various films. Christina Aguilera appeared in TV audition program ‘The Voice of America’ that premiered in April 2011.

For music lovers this may not be such good news that the artists are trying to be loved by other things besides their music. However it’s true that celebrities and their music gains popularity as the artist themselves are exposed more to the public. It seems that K-Pop is taking advantage of this opportunity.

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