What May be a Right View Toward Block B?

It's not easy for one issue to be consumed in the media or people's mind for a whole week. In that sense it seems Block B has extend past the common timeframe.

Also this controversy involving Block B has now moved beyond the group itself. It now involves Block B's fans and anti's who allegedly gathered signatures for Block B's suicide.

The controversy involving the group just doesn't seem to die down, as in the case of other controversies. Any small issue involving Block B somehow is making headlines and making an impact in the online community. Many people have gathered to insist their opinion regarding Block B's suicide.

The controversy is based on two events that occurred. It's that Block B displayed an inappropriate behavior during their interview in Thailand. Afterwards Block B recognized their mistake and apologized in public several times.

The acceptance of their apology is up to the viewers and public. However it seems to have crossed the line when a simple mistake has grown into a discussion of taking another person's life. The group of people that has allegedly has been gathering signatures are not justified in any way.

Block B must be going through a difficult time. Wouldn't it be better learning experience for the group to learn from their mistakes and move forward in the right direction then to criticize them beyond their fault?
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