What does K-pop’s Worldly Growth Mean to You?

The power of K-Pop hallyu wave has replicated itself from groups such as Girls’ Generation, KARA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, SHINee, f(x), Big Bang, 2NE1, 2PM, JYJ and more is quite impressive.

As previously reported on KpopStarz the country’s image is closely related to K-Pop. For instance Korea as a country becomes more widespread as number views on YouTube video is more than 2.3 billion total from 235 countries.

In the past it was difficult to image Korean culture to enter and become center stage of entertainment field around the world. Even last year people were still skeptical of K-Pop fans who have gathered in Paris and London.

It’s not a complicated to come up with the reason why K-Pop has come to be so successful. It was the perfect preparation executed by the label companies that were very systematic in casting, training, producing and global promotion. As only few out of many make it to endure the hardship of being a trainee not only that the advent of social media couldn’t have been better with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

However what made the impossible, possible was the hard work, tears and sweat of the trainees who endured to become the stars they have longed to be. No one can imagine the hardship they faced as a young teenager to be trained for more than 7 years in different fields such as dance, singing, acting, languages and others.

Regardless of the field, there’s no difference in other fields to become successful even in golf. Seri Park was a hero of Korea 10 years ago as she was the first Korean to win the WPGA golf championship which no one thought it was possible. She shared that she climbed the stairs 20 flights going up and down every day, practiced in the cemetery to become braver. Kyoung Joo Choi who won the PGA 8 times shared, “If you set a goal to hit the ball 1000 times a day and hit 999 then you lose.”

Now days the buzz has been around Jeremy Lin. Before his popularity and fame, none of the basketball team wanted him to join their teams, he failed to be picked up in the draft.

Kobe Bryant, one of the best players in NBA who didn’t know the existence of Lin before the game shared after their match, “Players don’t come out of nowhere, if you track back his past, he probably possessed the skill but no one noticed it from the beginning. He didn’t give up and continued on. It’s a great testament to perseverance and hard work. I am sure he had to put a great amount of work to have the belief he has for himself. And now he has the opportunity to show it.”

It may be true that Jeremy Lin came in the spotlight because he was too good or because of his race, but many say that it’s because no one had expected him to do well. And now he is being loved and giving courage to many others.

The way to achieve an impossible goal is to do your best to the point of death. Looking at the great stars before us, we learn that impossible can be possible and anything can happen. Let’s go on with hope remembering the saying of Barak Obama, “Yes we can.”
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