Tory Burch Cameo Appearing on Korean Drama 'Fashion King'

Tory Burch is appearing on Korean drama.

Tory Burch, a worldly renown fashion designer and a business woman, joined filming SBS 'Fashion King'.

It is a very rare case for Tory Burch who is known for avoiding media exposure all the time, decided to appear on 'Fashion King', which in filming in New York City now. Tory Burch played as a Dean of a fashion design school, and the shooting took place at a hotel in Manhattan.

Burch commented "It was an extraordinary experience, and very interesting and fun time. I got to share the stong passion towards work and art from Korean actors" she added "All the Korean actors first acted shy and quite. Then I heard they are big stars in Korea, everyone was very polite and humble. Love them". she ended "I was not able to finish the whole script, but I heard the story is about the competitive world of fashion behind the curtain, I think It will be a fun drama".

Photo: SBS
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